A Friendly Family Dentist that listens and puts patients first in Hailsham

Welcome to The Dental Barn in Hailsham

At The Dental Barn we create a relaxed and fear free patient experience in beautiful surroundings, to encourage healthy and happy mouths. If you want a private practice that is different, modern and vibrant come to us, you won’t want to go anywhere else.

Why Choose us

  • Convenient parking at the rear of the practice.
  • The friendly staff make you feel really welcome.
  • Relaxed surroundings, where coffee and refreshments are always available.
  • Hygienist appointments now available without referral.
  • We are experienced in treating patients with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.
  • Caring environment for nervous patients, sedation treatments available.
  • Award winning personal care and attention to detail.
  • Practice plans available.
  • Emergency treatment available, please call for details.
  • Convienient online appointment booking system.

We Care for Your Smile

How nice it feels when you have people who care for your health as much as you do!

Well, dentists at Dental Barn in Hailsham, love to see everyone smile. Our team leave no stone unturned to make people feel the way they should about their smile and teeth, happy and confident.

It is important for your teeth to stay healthy and wear their natural colour not just because you will have to go through a lot like pain, damage or ailment if they’re not okay. But also because you want to enjoy your food without worrying and smile care-free.

We only work to improve our patients’ oral health and hygiene with our gentle dental care and practice.

When Exactly to See Us?

Generally, we advise everyone we meet, whether in good oral health or not, to see a dentist regularly. Because you never know, when tooth decay or cavity may find its way around your teeth without you knowing about it until some significant damage is done.

However, here are some signs that indicate it’s time to have a coffee and some chitchat with us;

          • You are concerned about your oral health owing to your sore gums, painful or loose teeth, bad breath or anything that disturbs your dental hygiene.
          • You are participating in a sporting activity where mouth guard safety is must.
          • When you aren’t too happy with your smile and wonder if a makeover could improve the appearance.
          • Nothing you think can make up for the loss of your natural teeth which is causing you embarrassment and more.
          • You dream about sparkling white teeth often.
          • Hate any kind of dental practice and run away as you pass by a dental clinic.

In addition, for anything that is not listed here but concerns your dental health you can sure visit us.

Family Friendly Dentistry in Hailsham, East Sussex

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