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Healthy Foods That Require Extra Flossing

You’ve probably been told to floss after eating sweets or candy, but did you know that healthy foods can also require extra flossing? Key takeaways: – Spinach tends to get stuck in small gaps between the teeth – A similar thing happens with broccoli florets, especially if you eat them raw – Pineapple strings are […]

Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

Toothaches, gum disease and other dental problems are commonplace but can often be avoided if care is taken before these problems arise. Preventive dentistry aims to keep teeth and gums healthy and cut down on the need for urgent visits to a dentist. The concept is simple and the benefits enormous. – Reduction in loss […]

Trendy Dental Fads Could Be Ruining Teeth

New fads to improve your teeth could be having the exact opposite effect. Many dentists have warned of possible adverse reactions of following these trends and are particularly scathing about: – Using fluoride-free toothpaste – Drinking hot water with lemon – Brushing teeth with charcoal toothpaste Fluoride is essential for healthy teeth. Lemon is acidic […]

Treating a Toothache at Home

When a toothache strikes the first reaction is to make an appointment with the dentist. This isn’t always necessary as a toothache can often be treated at home. While over-the-counter medications can also be effective there are home alternatives that can be tried first: – Crushed garlic and salt – Peppermint tea or oil – […]

Will dental veneers increase tooth sensitivity?

Veneers are a wonderful way to improve your smile by covering up imperfections in teeth. Some patients do experience temporary sensitivity. Key takeaways: – Temporary teeth sensitivity is normal but you should go back to the dentist if symptoms persist. – Dental veneers can be used to treat sensitivity for people with already damaged enamels. […]

Three Oral Conditions Caused By Overbite

An abnormal bite is a dental problem that can lead to further oral conditions. Key takeaways: – Cavities are likely to develop in teeth where the enamel has been damaged by overbite. – Jaw pain is a common effect of overbite, where teeth are forced in an unnatural position against the jaw bone. – Overbite […]

Is it possible to strengthen tooth enamel?

The tough enamel coating on your teeth is never replaced so you need to take care of it. Key takeaways: – Eat a nutritious diet and cut down on sugary foods. – Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush. – Avoid brushing straight after eating, wait 30 minutes before brushing. – Drink a glass of water after eating […]

How Can Cavities Develop Beneath a Filling?

Most fillings will last a lifetime without any major issues. Still, it may be possible to develop a cavity even if a filling is present. What are some of the reasons why your teeth could be at risk? Let us take a look at three common situations which a dentist can evaluate. A cracked filling […]

How to Write a Study Paper

Studying an essay a reader ought to be required to admit he’d thought within the precise vein but had not ever picked out the link. An essayist isn’t a poet. It permits one to step back and scrutinize the purposes you’ve made as well as their connection to the topic and the complete composition. Make […]