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Replacing Missing Teeth with Implants

People often live with a tooth gap even though when they see themselves in photos, it’s the one thing that they hate about themselves. Smiles and teeth have rocketed up the ‘what’s the first thing people notice about you’ list. It is in the top 2 now where as even just 15 years ago a […]

Treatment for Nervous Dental Patients in Hailsham

It never ceases to amaze me just how many people (including children) have had a dreadful experience at the dentist and how one experience can affect their whole life. So, we started to offer a free no obligation coffee and a chat, to see how we could help people overcome their fears. About a month […]

Bonding: A Reason to Smile

Bonding is one of the simplest dental procedures and also one of the most popular solutions to many cosmetic dental problems. Our dentists use a pliable plastic tooth-coloured composite resin mixed to the same colour at your tooth and ten shape to match the contours of your teeth. Tooth bonding is quick, painless, permanent and […]

Does My Child Need Surgery To Treat TMJ?

Children affected by temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) can experience pain and discomfort when eating and yawning. You may have heard about TMJ surgery, but this is not the only treatment option. – There are several non-invasive TMJ treatments available. – Mouthguards can help correct or manage TMJ if teeth grinding is the cause. – Orthodontics […]

Baby Teeth May Hold Clues to Origin of Autism

Experts believe that certain nutrients may have links to the developmental disorder known as autism. – Researchers are examining baby teeth to see what nutrients or chemicals they have been exposed to. – Baby teeth form in the womb, their growth layers can be studied like tree rings. – Researchers have identified differences in levels […]

Tips to Prevent Infant Gum Disease

Lack of good oral hygiene can lead to gingivitis in infants, the beginning of gum disease. It is essential to clean your baby’s mouth after feeding, even when they are still without teeth. – Use a clean, damp wash cloth to clean the gums of your child after feeding, or a small toothbrush if they […]

Teeth Grinding and Sleep Apnea

People with sleep apnea stop breathing frequently during the night. Often a dentist is the first professional to spot this problem. – Teeth grinding and enamel erosion, due to a dry mouth, may indicate sleep apnea. – A dentist can refer you to the appropriate person for diagnosis. – Some treatments include oral sleep appliances […]

First Aid After Your Child Breaks His Tooth

Children break their teeth from chewing hard substances, playing without a mouth-guard and other accidents. If your child has a broken tooth don’t be alarmed. Here’s how to save your child’s broken tooth. – First, call the emergency line of the nearest dentist for medical assistance. – As first aid, clean the tooth and gently […]