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Baby Teeth May Hold Clues to Origin of Autism

Experts believe that certain nutrients may have links to the developmental disorder known as autism. – Researchers are examining baby teeth to see what nutrients or chemicals they have been exposed to. – Baby teeth form in the womb, their growth layers can be studied like tree rings. – Researchers have identified differences in levels […]

Tips to Prevent Infant Gum Disease

Lack of good oral hygiene can lead to gingivitis in infants, the beginning of gum disease. It is essential to clean your baby’s mouth after feeding, even when they are still without teeth. – Use a clean, damp wash cloth to clean the gums of your child after feeding, or a small toothbrush if they […]

Teeth Grinding and Sleep Apnea

People with sleep apnea stop breathing frequently during the night. Often a dentist is the first professional to spot this problem. – Teeth grinding and enamel erosion, due to a dry mouth, may indicate sleep apnea. – A dentist can refer you to the appropriate person for diagnosis. – Some treatments include oral sleep appliances […]

First Aid After Your Child Breaks His Tooth

Children break their teeth from chewing hard substances, playing without a mouth-guard and other accidents. If your child has a broken tooth don’t be alarmed. Here’s how to save your child’s broken tooth. – First, call the emergency line of the nearest dentist for medical assistance. – As first aid, clean the tooth and gently […]

Should My Child Use Mouthwash?

Children over the age of six can use mouthwash if an adult supervises them. Top tips: – Explain that mouthwash is not a drink and must be spat out. – Mouthwash helps loosen food debris, so is great for children with braces. – A dentist can recommend a children’s mouthwash which is not alcohol based. […]

What Are These White Spots In My Mouth?

While most white spots in the mouth are harmless, others are serious. For example, a condition known as leukoplakia might require a biopsy in order to check for precancerous cells. Even if you have healthy teeth, this is an important step to take. Some primary reasons are outlined below: – A small percentage of leukoplakia […]

Should You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Wisdom teeth are often painful when they emerge, which leads to getting them extracted. Here are reasons why you should not fear having your painful wisdom teeth removed. Summary: – Our ancestors needed these teeth to chew tough meat and roots. Wisdom teeth aren’t necessary for modern soft foods. – Humans have evolved to having […]

Understanding The Bad Taste In Your Mouth

Bad taste in the mouth is a condition commonly caused by respiratory issues, bad diet, smoking, drinking and medications. But if bad taste persists, you should see your dentist or doctor. Main points: – You might be at risk of oral diseases like gingivitis (gum disease), abscesses and oral cancer. – Bad taste can also […]

Does Your Toothpaste Live Up to Its Claims?

Unless they ask a dentist for a recommendation, most people make their choice of toothpaste based on what the product claims it does best. Recent years has seen a growth in toothpastes promising to protect enamel due to a increased in enamel erosion and dentin hypersensitivity. It sounds logical but recent studies have shown that […]