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The Effect of Smoking On Your Dental Health

Studies have shown that smoking cigarettes has a negative impact on your dental health: – Smoking increases the amount of plaque on teeth and the higher risk of infections and gum disease. – Smokers also have an increased risk of losing teeth and have a lower success rate for dental implants to replace lost teeth. […]

The Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Many  American dentist believe firmly that is never too early for children to have orthodontic treatment. Early treatment can make corrections while the jaw is still growing and the teeth are still forming their alignment. The three main benefits of early orthodontic treatment are: – It facilitates a good dental hygiene regime – It corrects […]

Treating Cavities: Fillings or Root Canal Therapy

Having a cavity is worrying, so is the thought of enduring through root canal therapy. However, not all cavities require root canal therapy. Sometimes, all you need are fillings. – You will only require fillings if the cavity has not progressed past the enamel to the nerve tissue. – Root canal therapy is recommended if […]

See your dentist about tooth sensitivity

If you have recently had a dental procedure you may experience some tooth sensitivity but this should resolve quickly after treatment. – Mild sensitivity is expected for a brief period of time after teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, fillings and extractions. Your dentist will advise how long this will last. – If you have unexplained or […]