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It’s All About The People!

So here I am sitting in the hairdressers waiting for my grey to be turned back to ginger!

It’s expensive to come here, but I pay willingly and return every 6 weeks to my trusted stylist Jenny.

It’s got me thinking. Why do I like it here? Firstly, I like the people.

Family dental practice in HairshamThey’re welcoming, professional, their customer service is good, and I never have to worry that I’ll get a bad haircut. They listen to me and ask for feedback on my last treatments. It’s really lovely to build rapport with a business that you can trust, plus they do good coffee!

I can book ahead for a time to suit me, which is great as I’m a busy person.

So, a while ago they put their prices up, but I still wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. You see I value what they do for me, the hair stuff and the personal service. It’s one less thing I have to stress about as the quality is consistent.

The weirdest thing of all is that I’ve realised sitting here is that these are the very same reasons why patients continue to love and return to The Dental Barn.

Our patients get great treatment, personal service and above all it makes them feel good to visit us.

Hair or teeth it’s all about the people!


To book an appointment or become a patient give us a call on 01323 325397.


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We’re going green, well almost!

Over the last few months we have been making changes to make our practice ‘greener’. Unfortunately, the Care Quality Commission who we must bow down to, have a real thing for single use plastics!

So here is our A-Z of green changes


We use amalgam (metal fillings) very rarely, but we do of course take them out of people’s mouths. We have an amalgam separator on our dental chairs, which removes the bits from the water, and we collect the bits in special containers. The container is then professionally disposed of safely.

Colgate Terracycle box

eco dentist in sussexIn our waiting room you will notice a big red and white box, it’s for all sorts of plastic. You can put:

  • Any brand of: Electric or battery toothbrush heads
  • Manual toothbrushes
  • Plastic toothpaste tubes and caps
  • Toothbrush outer packaging and cartons

Unfortunately, we can’t put tepes in because of the metal.

Dappens dishes

We use literally 20 of these little plastic dishes a day! So, we have changed back to sterilizable glass dishes. This is going to make a big difference.

Digital X-rays

As we have moved away from film X-rays, we don’t produce lead waste or have to use developing chemicals. Digital also only produce about 10% of the radiation of old film X-rays so reducing the amount of radiation into the environment.

Paper Goods

We are in the process of changing our tissues, towels and toilet rolls for either sustainably produced or recycled variations.

We have changed our tray liners to remove the plastic from them.

We are not a paper free practice (I wish), but all of our documents are shredded and recycled by Haulaway.


All our plastic bottles and cans are recycled

We have a weekly ‘red’ box from Haulaway in Hailsham that recycles all our paper, cardboard, shredded paper, newspapers, leaflets and magazines. They give the recycling money to St.Wilfrid’s hospice. It has raised over £10,000 in two years.

Suction tips

We now use reusable suction tips that go through our sterilizing system along with our instruments.

We are looking to replace our plastic mouthwash cups and some Eco-friendly interdental brushes and more. So we’ll keep you informed.


That is all the ways we are making the Dental Barn and environmentally friendly dentist. To book an appointment or become a patient give us a call on 01323 325397.


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Are you a Dental Stalker?

We had a lady in last week for a ‘coffee and chat’ who said she had been stalking me for 6 months! After being a bit taken a back, I asked her what she meant.


“You see I’ve been looking at all your Facebook posts for a long time, trying to pluck up the courage to ring. I wanted to be sure that you were the right practice for me to go to.”


I hadn’t realised that we had stalkers, but when I started to think about it, choosing a dentist is not an impulse decision! You have to make sure that they are going to look after you, that they are going to be honest and fair and most of all they are not going to hurt you!


hygienist east sussexThere are several ways to find a dentist and most of our patients are recommended by an existing patient, but what if you don’t know anyone to ask or you’re too frightened to ask. For some people just thinking about going to the dentist fills them with dread.


I think stalking is a great idea, you can get a real feel for a practice and the people by what they post, as posts should reflect the values and personalities of the people. I hope that our social media says we care about people and that we will never make them feel silly or embarrassed. But also shows that we are a family and have fun together (don’t ask about the bright pink tutu’s)


So, I hope if you are reading this and you have been plucking up the courage to contact us, now maybe just the time to ‘go for it’. To start your journey with a free coffee and chat and see how we can help you become part of our dental family, call Karen on 01323 325397  and we’ll make some time just for you.


And if you are not quite ready yet keep following and liking our posts, because one day it will be your time to give us a call. Why not read our reviews and recommendation as they also tell patients stories.


Most of all you will always be welcome at The Dental Barn, whether it’s next week or in six months’ time!

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Six Ways a Smile Can Help Your Business

Smiling is a powerful tool and a good smile can contribute to success in relationships, businesses and helps boost self-confidence. More than 30% of people smile more than 30 times a day and children can smile up to 400 times a day. Being embarrassed to smile can make such a negative impact on people’s lives.


1.Smiling makes you feel good

Smiling releases the hormone serotonin, which produces the feeling of happiness and well-being. British researchers have discovered that one smile can produce the same happiness in our brains as eating 2,000 chocolate bars. If you’re in a good mood you generally become a nicer person to everyone around you, to staff, clients or customers. Smiling is contagious and that in turn makes people’s experience of you a much more positive and productive one.


2.Smiling improves your health

Smiling has lots of health benefits from possibly helping fight off infections, by increasing your immune system, to lowering blood pressure. Smiling also can improve stress levels by tricking our brains into feel calmer. In recent years there have been many links to heart disease, diabetes and recently Alzheimer’s for patients with gum disease. If you smile you are probably better at looking after your teeth and gums, keeping your whole body healthier.


smile makeover in east sussex

3.Smiling changes your attitude

Regular smiling helps to program our brains to be more positive. It leads to more tasks being done and being done to a higher standard. Most successful entrepreneurs have very positive, smiley personas and that enables them to focus, get things done and lead a happy team. A great example of this is Richard Branson who just seems to enjoy life!


4.Smiling helps business and personal relationships

That first meeting with someone, if started with a welcoming smile, sets the tone for the rest of the time you spend with them. It encourages people to have a conversation and feel that you are a genuine person. If you smile it indicates to staff, clients and customers that you are approachable and friendly which often creates better communication paths. But beware, most people can spot a fake smile a mile off and won’t trust you or your business.


5.Smiling at work

Getting your staff to smile readily at customers, makes a great and welcoming first impression. It makes people feel that they are important and that you care about them. Even if you are on the telephone smiling comes across the phone, as it changes the tone of your voice, so people can actually hear the smile. People are able to pick up on a happy work place and will be more likely to return for future business.


6.Smiling is free

With never ending costs it’s nice to have something you don’t have to pay for!


Changing your smile doesn’t always cost a fortune, just changing a discoloured filling or having your teeth professionally cleaned can make a big impact. Get in touch with us today on 01323 325397 to book an appointment find out how we can improve your smile.

Why an ‘Out Of Town’ Dental Practice Makes Sense

You’re in a rush to get to the dentist, you can’t find a parking space and you’ve got no change for the machines, sound familiar. The worst thing is that you arrive for your appointment and you’re already stressed and soaking wet as you forgot your umbrella!

So maybe it’s time to think about an ‘out of town’ practice like The Dental Barn in Upper Dicker near Hailsham.

With our own car park on a farm your experience couldn’t be more different. As you’re often going the other way to the rest of the traffic, you can be at The Dental Barn in less time than it takes you to negotiate central Eastbourne. Easy parking and a quiet look at our ducks, on the duck pond, is just the calm start you need for your appointment. This is especially important for those patients that find a visit to the dentist hard because of nerves or past dental history.

Then once in our building the calmness and quiet, along with a good cup of coffee, sets the intention for your whole experience. Relax in our chairs watching the clouds roll by from our skylight windows, listening to the ducks quacking. Never worrying if your parking ticket is about to expire and you’re going to get a ticket.

After your appointment, no more hikes to the car, just jump in and drive back to home or work, faster and easier than ever before.

If you would like to have an easier, calmer and more relaxed experience going to the dentist why not pop in, give us a call on 01323 325397 or go to our website to see how we can make your journey a smoother one.