Dental Bridges

A fixed permanent solution to missing teeth.

We always endeavour to save teeth whenever possible but when not it is good to know there are choices for replacement. One of these is replacement using a bridge.


We generally use one of two types of bridge:

  • An adhesive Minimally Invasive Maryland bridge – this type allows for a “stick on” bridge to replace a single tooth usually and allows us to maximise tooth tissue on the tooth next to the gap. The tooth may have a small ledge carved out on the back of it to stick the bridge to or it may have no preparation at all.
  • A Fixed Fixed bridge – whereby the missing tooth is incorporated into a structure that also incorporates crowns either side of the gap. This can be more destructive to teeth and require teeth to be trimmed down but is very useful when you already have crowns present.


Unlike a denture, a bridge is a permanent fixed structure and cannot be removed. Special cleansing around the bridge needs to be carried out just as you do your usual teeth. Our team of Dental Hygienists will help you with a home cleaning protocol that works for you.

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