Dental Fillings

Restoring with beautiful tooth coloured materials.

Modern materials and techniques have developed over the years to allow us to be able to restore not only the beauty but also the strength to your teeth using minimal intervention.


We no longer use silver amalgam fillings that encourage further destruction of the tooth structure but we use modern day tooth coloured filling materials, composites. These materials bond into the structure of your tooth enhancing not just the appearance but also the integral strength.


From a small chip on a tooth to a larger filling, tooth coloured composite is used in many ways to restore beauty and strength.

dental fillings in hailsham dental barn
  • dental crowns...

    Restoring aesthetics and strength with modern ceramics made by our skilled dental technicians.

  • dentures...

    Modern, new generation, aesthetic, removable replacements for missing teeth giving you back confidence in social situations.

  • dental bridges...

    Beautiful strong permanent replacements for missing teeth allowing you to smile again and regain your confidence.

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