Dental Hygiene in Horam

Our Dental Hygienists can help you achieve great dental health in Horam.

Clean teeth make a great smile and regular visits with the Dental Hygienists near Horam keep your teeth plaque free and shiny. Hygienists also play a big part in keeping your mouth healthy, as many people experience gum problems. These include bleeding and sore gums, bad breath, painful and loose teeth. Our preventive and maintenance appointments are here to help you obtain a healthy and odour free mouth. We know that the health of our mouth and the health of our body are linked and one can affect the other. That is why we work hard to help you achieve optimal dental health so we can optimise your overall health as well.


Can I see the Dental Hygienist without seeing the Dentist?

Absolutely, our Hygienists are able to treat patients under something called Direct access which was granted in 2013. However, they will advise you to visit the Dentist if they are worried about something in your mouth.

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What is Airflow?

New EMSAirflow technology following GBT (guided biofilm removal) system gently removes stains caused by smoking, food and drink with a gentle warm spray of special powder and water (only the spray touches the tooth). No more polishing with rubber cups and brushes. It also removes plaque up to 4mm into gum pockets and those hard to reach areas in between teeth helping to prevent gum disease. It’s ideal for patients who don’t like seeing the Hygienist, the spray is kind to teeth and gums and you will feel and see the difference immediately.


It’s brilliant for implant maintenance and is gentle on implant surfaces. Why wouldn’t you look after your implants after you spent all that money on them!


Stained dentures can often be cleaned with our Airflow technology helping to keep things looking good too.

Maintenance with Airflow

This is like a regular mouth MOT to clean tartar (hard deposits) but includes our Airflow technology to remove plaque and stains from all those hard to reach places in a gentle, comfortable and relaxing manner. We’ll show you how best to clean your teeth at home, with lots of easy to do advice. We will also do a gum health check and help keep your mouth feeling great. These are maintenance appointments and we see patients 3, 4, or 6 months whichever is best for your gums.

New patient first Hygiene visit £105

This is an assessment and treatment appointment. We will assess your gum health and explain what’s happening in your mouth, in an easy to understand way. We will help and show you to use effective tooth brushing and in-between teeth care to help you prevent and maintain any gum disease. Our Airflow (jet wash) system is used to remove all plaque, to start you on your healthy mouth journey. Sometimes a second appointment is needed to get your mouth in tip top condition.

Advanced Maintenance with Airflow £140

A longer appointment for those with advanced gum conditions including our Airflow technology to remove plaque and stains from all those hard to reach places in a gentle, comfortable and relaxing manner. Airflow is also beneficial for advanced gum disease as it disinfects your mouth and gum pockets. These maintenance appointments are normally every 2 or 3 months.

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