Dental Hygienist: keep your teeth clean and healthy with our hygienist in Hailsham

The different ways we can give you that healthy smile

Clean teeth make a great smile and regular visits with the hygienist keep your teeth shiny. However, many people experience gum problems. These include bleeding and sore gums, bad breath, painful and loose teeth. Our preventative and maintenance approach is dedicated to help you obtain a healthy and odour free mouth.

Have a Minute to Smile?

Dental HygienistOn a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your smile?

And overall oral health?

If you’re somewhere around 5 or below, we assume you’re not too happy with the appearance of your smile or teeth or dental hygiene.

Don’t worry! The professionals at Dental Barn will make sure you’re smiling confidently when you walk out of our door and give yourself 10 on 10.

Every single individual is born with a great, healthy smile. However, many of them fail to look after their teeth and keep that natural smile as a result of their unhealthy habits and dental practices. For that matter, they often end up with gum problems, and dental caries.

At Dental Barn, we have friendly dentists who listen to your dental concerns and offer you their valuable counsel on the basis of their technical knowledge and understanding of the matter.

What our dental hygienist can help you with?

Poor dental hygiene isn’t limited to bad breath, toothache or decay but it affects an individual’s overall health. Our painless treatments and dental hygiene practices ensure that you receive the best care for your teeth and mouth.

In addition, here are some benefits you can enjoy with our dental service.

  • Helpful advice regarding day-today care of your teeth and gums
  • Teeth cleaning and whitening
  • Relief from toothache and sensitivity
  • Treated periodontal and gum disease

Why Choose us

  • Our Oral Hygiene sessions help prevent Gum disease.
  • Hygiene packages available, routine check-ups or pampering packages for weddings, special events & those special occasions
  • We are located in stunning countryside in Hailsham with Free Parking.
  • Hygienist appointments now available without referral
  • The friendly staff make you feel really welcome
  • We are dedicated to help you maintain a healthy and odour free mouth.

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If you want a team who make you feel welcome in an environment that is so different to your normal traditional dentist practice - then you have to try Alison and her team. Flexible , friendly and fun - how can that apply to Dentists ? I ...

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My wife and I have been with The Dental Barn for 3 years now and have found them to be the best dental practice we have ever had and long may it continue. The staff are all very kind and helpful and have remained the same ...

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Peter Vine
From the moment you arrive at The Dental Barn, you know you are in a warm and welcoming place.All the staff are friendly and helpful and all happy to go that extra mile to make every visit as comfortable as possible. It is no secret that the ...

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Nick Gordon
A fantastic team that give me confidence where I was previously anxious, due to their friendly, caring attitude and actually knowing their stuff!!! Whether you are looking for a new dentist or an hygienist I recommend you look no further than The Dental Barn

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I am a nervous patient and don't like having anything done in my mouth. But all the staff at the Dental Barn are so caring and understanding and do their best to put you at ease. I recently had two extractions under sedation and it was a ...

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Stephen Muddell
What can I say This is the best dentist me and my family have been too .They are friendly helpful and down to earth .I wish them a happy Christmas and all the best for 2015 .Well done to the team at the dentist barn

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I am so impressed with my treatment I received today. Thank you so much for the excellent care and experience, I am now looking forward to my next visit! My family will definitely be booking an appointment and also shown how to brush and look after their ...

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I met Alison at a networking event and soon realised we needed to move across to her dental practice and have not looked back. The care we receive as a family at The Dental Barn is wonderful - always a very warm welcome and great service there ...

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The Chatfield Family

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