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We’re going green, well almost!

Over the last few months we have been making changes to make our practice ‘greener’. Unfortunately, the Care Quality Commission who we must bow down to, have a real thing for single use plastics!

So here is our A-Z of green changes


We use amalgam (metal fillings) very rarely, but we do of course take them out of people’s mouths. We have an amalgam separator on our dental chairs, which removes the bits from the water, and we collect the bits in special containers. The container is then professionally disposed of safely.

Colgate Terracycle box

eco dentist in sussexIn our waiting room you will notice a big red and white box, it’s for all sorts of plastic. You can put:

  • Any brand of: Electric or battery toothbrush heads
  • Manual toothbrushes
  • Plastic toothpaste tubes and caps
  • Toothbrush outer packaging and cartons

Unfortunately, we can’t put tepes in because of the metal.

Dappens dishes

We use literally 20 of these little plastic dishes a day! So, we have changed back to sterilizable glass dishes. This is going to make a big difference.

Digital X-rays

As we have moved away from film X-rays, we don’t produce lead waste or have to use developing chemicals. Digital also only produce about 10% of the radiation of old film X-rays so reducing the amount of radiation into the environment.

Paper Goods

We are in the process of changing our tissues, towels and toilet rolls for either sustainably produced or recycled variations.

We have changed our tray liners to remove the plastic from them.

We are not a paper free practice (I wish), but all of our documents are shredded and recycled by Haulaway.


All our plastic bottles and cans are recycled

We have a weekly ‘red’ box from Haulaway in Hailsham that recycles all our paper, cardboard, shredded paper, newspapers, leaflets and magazines. They give the recycling money to St.Wilfrid’s hospice. It has raised over £10,000 in two years.

Suction tips

We now use reusable suction tips that go through our sterilizing system along with our instruments.

We are looking to replace our plastic mouthwash cups and some Eco-friendly interdental brushes and more. So we’ll keep you informed.


That is all the ways we are making the Dental Barn and environmentally friendly dentist. To book an appointment or become a patient give us a call on 01323 325397.


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