Gum Disease Treatment

Great gum health and overall health go hand in hand.

Our team of Dental Hygienists and Dentists work together to ensure you achieve great gum and dental health. We know that certain disorders, such as diabetes and heart disease, can be linked to gum disease and vice versa. This is why keeping your gums healthy can help keep you healthy.


Regular dental hygiene visits will help guide you to be able to maintain excellent oral care at home in between your visits to The Dental Barn, we offer a personalised preventive programme that works for you.


Most adults suffer with gum disease at some time in their life and it is still the largest reason for tooth loss, yet in most cases is entirely preventable. Our team will deliver gum treatments to eradicate gum disease, periodontitis and gingivitis, and then maintain the health of your gums.


We need to be vigilant, though,and to ensure gum disease does not recur regular dental hygiene appointments are required.

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    Our Dental Hygienists will improve and maintain your gum health and return the sparkle to your teeth with EMS Airflow.

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