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Why an ‘Out Of Town’ Dental Practice Makes Sense

You’re in a rush to get to the dentist, you can’t find a parking space and you’ve got no change for the machines, sound familiar. The worst thing is that you arrive for your appointment and you’re already stressed and soaking wet as you forgot your umbrella!

So maybe it’s time to think about an ‘out of town’ practice like The Dental Barn in Upper Dicker near Hailsham.

With our own car park on a farm your experience couldn’t be more different. As you’re often going the other way to the rest of the traffic, you can be at The Dental Barn in less time than it takes you to negotiate central Eastbourne. Easy parking and a quiet look at our ducks, on the duck pond, is just the calm start you need for your appointment. This is especially important for those patients that find a visit to the dentist hard because of nerves or past dental history.

Then once in our building the calmness and quiet, along with a good cup of coffee, sets the intention for your whole experience. Relax in our chairs watching the clouds roll by from our skylight windows, listening to the ducks quacking. Never worrying if your parking ticket is about to expire and you’re going to get a ticket.

After your appointment, no more hikes to the car, just jump in and drive back to home or work, faster and easier than ever before.

If you would like to have an easier, calmer and more relaxed experience going to the dentist why not pop in, give us a call on 01323 325397 or go to our website www.thedentalbarn.co.uk to see how we can make your journey a smoother one.

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