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So you’ve clicked on our video and you’ve listened to my chipmonk voice!

What’s next?

Well we could go on about how fantastic we are at Fillings or how amazing we are at doing Root Canal treatments, but that’s not why you’re here.

You haven’t been to the Dentist for a long time

Your not really happy where you go at the moment

You may have a toothache and just want it sorted out

So what you want to hear is how we can help you.

So we thought we would let some of our patients tell you how we helped them

Nervous Patients

‘Originally had a massive fear of dentists due to previous experience including going back to my childhood. I didn’t go to the dentist for 2 years until I saw the advert from the Dental Barn offering fear free dentistry.

I was welcomed by the team, explained my fears and haven’t looked back. Without doubt the best dentist I’ve been to ever. The team are very friendly, offer advice, care for not just my teeth and gums but me as a human being.

I cannot fault Alison and the team at the Dental Barn. First class and first rate service.’

Changing Dentists

‘For many people it is probably difficult to make anything “dental” seem inviting or attractive but the whole team at the Dental Barn work together to minimise the unpleasant associations and encourage participant in a joint approach to keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

This is no mean task but they use a variety of skills both dental and patient orientated to achieve this goal. Smiles all round!’

Got Trouble?

‘Absolutely wonderful, warm, friendly and really lovely people. Since making the decision to phone and make an appointment it has been one of the best things I have done. Truly recommend this practice’

‘Thank you for helping when I had tooth pain. You could not have been more gentle and caring and your assistant was lovely too. I may have lost a tooth but have gained a new dentist. I will be coming back soon for more treatment.’

Out Of Town Practice

You’re in a rush to get to the dentist, you can’t find a parking space and you’ve got no change for the machines, sound familiar? The worst thing is that you arrive for your appointment and you’re already stressed and soaking wet as you forgot your umbrella!

So maybe it’s time to think about an ‘out of town’ practice like The Dental Barn in Upper Dicker near Hailsham. With our own car park on a farm your experience couldn’t be more different. As you’re often going the other way to the rest of the traffic, you can be at The Dental Barn in less time than it takes you to negotiate central Eastbourne.

Easy parking and a quiet look at our ducks, on the duck pond, is just the calm start you need for your appointment.

dental barn reception in hailsham

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