Why you don’t want to look like Rylan!

I am often asked about Tooth Whitening (bleaching) and whether it’s safe to have done. My answer is always “we have decades of research from the USA which has consistently shown that there is no damage to the tooth structure or soft tissues of the mouth or throat”. HOWEVER outside of Dental practices there is very little regulation or accountability to the materials or how people are trained. In fact, it’s illegal to whiten someone’s teeth unless you are registered with the General Dental Council.

Where people go wrong with Whitening is that they want pure white teeth. That’s fine if you are 18 but not so great as you get older. Super white teeth on the over 45’s often look like dentures! What you are really aiming for is brighter teeth that still look amazing but natural. Before whitening can be done you must get your teeth checked and have X-rays taken to make sure the gels won’t damage your teeth. Also be aware that white fillings and crowns/veneers won’t change colour with bleaching.

There are 2 types of stains or tooth discolouration, inside the tooth and on the outside of the tooth.

Outside staining maybe that there is some scale (calculus) built up, smoking or tea/coffee stains and even some mouthwashes can stain your teeth (chlorhexidine).

These are the easiest to remove and often a visit to our Hygienist with our amazing EMS Airflow machine will have you looking stain free and brighter.

Inside staining often occurs as teeth get older and the stains get in-between the tiny crystals that make up tooth enamel or that the enamel gets thinner showing more of the yellow inside of the tooth. Only whitening treatments will change the colour if the staining is inside.

Our in office/surgery Whitening is called BlancOne, we chose it as it gives virtually no sensitivity, unlike other makes. It uses Carbamide peroxide in a gel form which produces oxygen bubbles that penetrate the tooth and pop out all the stains. We also use a Blue light to accelerate the whitening effect. There are 2 types a 10 minute treatment (20 minute appointment) which will get teeth 4-5 shades lighter that costs £99 and three 8 minutes treatments (60 minutes appointment) than can get teeth up to 7 shades lighter that costs £250.

So, if you are looking for a brighter smile that’s a bit like Ryland, in surgery whitening may be your answer.

P.S Rylan’s teeth are Veneers’


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