Teeth Whitening

Brightening your smile is simple and effective.

Certain foods and drinks can produce staining and discolouration of teeth. These can be removed with our fantastic EMS Airflow machine, however sometimes, with age as well, staining can be within the tooth and requires more treatment to achieve the brightness you would like.


Tooth whitening is a simple, safe and effective way to improve the brightness of your smile.


At The Dental Barn in Hailsham we use an In Surgery system call BlancOne. We find our patients love the ease of this system plus the quick results. A Blue Light activates a carbamide peroxide gel painted on to your teeth. A 10 minute treatment can get your teeth 4-5 shades lighter and our second treatment of three 8 minutes treatments 7 shades lighter.


The beauty with the BlancOne system is lack of sensitivity. This can be a problem for many people who refuse to retreat because of post treatment sensitivity. We find that no one has this problem with BlancOne. Another bonus with BlancOne is that the treatment is completed when you leave the practice, regular top ups can be combined with routine hygienist appointments.

  • smile makeovers...

    Transformation, small or more complex, to bring back your smile and confidence.

  • dental veneers...

    Restoring and perfecting colour, shape and alignment using thin porcelain covering the front surfaces of teeth.

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