when will dentists open east sussex

When will Dentists reopen?

I have been waiting for Boris to make his statement before I write this blog. However, with very little information to help patients or practices here it is.

When will practices re open? – How long is a piece of string?

It all depends on the guidance from our Chief Dental Officer as to when we can reopen. My practice is getting ready to be open sometime in June, but it could be July!

What you can do if you have problems until Dentists are open?

If you are registered with a practice, they should be providing an emergency consultation over the phone or via video.

If you are not registered with a practice, NHS 111 is your best bet, but some practices are helping people who aren’t registered with them.

All that Dentists are able to do is Advice, Analgesics (pain killers) and if needed Antibiotics or if the patient is in serious trouble refer you to an Urgent Dental Centre (if you fit the criteria).

Emergencies are swelling, especially to the face/neck and extreme pain not controlled by pain killers.

Lost crowns and fillings can be helped using temporary filling/cement available in pharmacies and online stores.

Keeping your teeth as clean as possible will help prevent any problems.

The one thing we do know is that visiting the Dentist is going to be very different for a while in terms of what treatments they can provide, how they look in all their Personal protective equipment (PPE), how you visit and your journey through the practice.

We will continue to be here to offer help and advice. I will let you all know when I have a definite date when dentists are reopening.

So, there it is, Lord only knows when Dentists will reopen, and even he probably doesn’t know!

Alison Thompson Practice Owner, Hygienist EDH Eng, Dip DHE Eng

Alison qualified in 1982 and for the last 15 years has been working locally in private practice. Dedicated to helping patients maintain healthy gums and fresh breath she works closely with the dentist to provide high quality treatment. She is bubbly and kind. She has two children and a Chihuahua cross Boston Terrier.